Ownable Distinction:
The Key to Sustained Business Growth
The Antidote to Commoditization
Virtually every business today faces the perils of commoditization: find a way to be truly distinctive in your markets or expect shrinking margins and declining market share. Technology alone is not the answer -- it's a short-term patch at best and more likely just "table stakes" for your industry. For most companies, the answer to commodization is a combination of bringing innovation to your strategic thinking, business models, management of intellectual property, go-to-market approach and governance processes.

Pragmaxis LLC will help you achieve and sustain ownable distinction through an understandable and pragmatic methodology that's grounded in your company's intellectual property, product and services mix, market position and other unique resources. We'll help you understand your best options to drive your products and services to the right customers, make the right create/acquire IP decisions, select the right information technology to enable your new processes, and stake out a sustainable market position with superior economic returns.

Our methodology emphasizes a strong bias towards action and a results-oriented mindset. We'll help you to generate value by identifying innovative, new ways to look at your business, leverage your assets and define and implement your go-foward roadmap.

If you truly look forward to wading through reams of PowerPoint presentations, enjoy having lots of consultants underfoot and don't mind being treated as a "case", then call the other guys...

If you're looking for a pragmatic, flexible, no-nonsense approach to solving your most complex business challenges, then you've come to the right place: Pragmaxis LLC.